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Lacyflakes e-Pattern

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Knitted lace snowflakes! I have always been intrigued by the fact that in God's handywork, no two snowflakes are alike. This pattern includes 2 types of construction, each quite different from the other, plus variations for knitting snowflake medallions.

This is the next installment in the seasonal series which began with "Playing in the Leaves".

These snowflake medallions only hint at the abundance of detail that occurs in nature. The formations of a snowflake alter the path of light passing through them, thus causing areas of light and dark. This seemed to me like a natural match for interpreting in lace!

Although snowflakes themselves are colorless, do not be limited to using only white yarn. For the sample models, I chose silk yarns with beads and sequins to give hints of light dancing off snowflakes. Also, the colors I chose simulate some of the hues of earth and sky that reflect through snowflakes.

I hope you have as much fun knitting these designs as I have had in creating them. My imagination runs wild in anticipating many variations on these basic designs to make "each one different".

Preview sample cover page
Sample cover page of HeartStrings Lacyflakes pattern

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